Our Vision & Impact

Our Vision


To Make the Greatest Difference to those in Greatest Need


We will make the greatest difference through developing bespoke impactful programmes in the following 5 areas:


Education is the key to unlocking individual potential. It promotes confidence and is vital in securing employment. We believe in developing and encouraging each person that we work with to achieve their full potential creating a lasting social impact.


A job will positively impact your household income. A good job can be life changing - building confidence, self worth; whilst helping the culture and economy overall.


Save the Environment, Save Energy, Save Money. We will develop Net Zero partnerships and programmes targeted at those most in need, to help them reduce their energy usage, save them money; which in turn - will reduce the harmful effects of carbon emissions on the planet.


We aim to improve the physical and mental health of those in greatest need. As we identify need; we will develop and deliver effective family and children's services; adventure activity programmes, training campaigns; and bring all our other services as a means to delivering real significant change.


Through effective employment support; net zero installation and advice programmes; household budgeting initiatives; and the provision of emergency relief for those most in need; we will help our customers to better manage your household bills - reduce costs and increase income.